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The Cloud Range Cyber Range Orientation Course prepares individuals or teams in leveraging industry leading tools and traffic generations capabilities to build analytics capabilities through a specialized platform that trains, records and offers the ability to replay scenarios. It is these distinctive range characteristics that differentiate the student experience as students are evaluated on performance and understanding of the events as they transpire. Employers are returned analysts with enhanced capabilities on the toolsets in their organization in addition to enhanced incident response and security analytic capabilities. This course is a primer for using the range in more complex training facilities and is geared toward orientation and functional orientation.

Type: Instructor-led online

Duration: 1 hour

Price: free with the registration of any other Cloud Range course

Prerequisites: Basic Cyber Security Knowledge, General networking concepts and understanding.    


  • Familiarization of Cyber Range network complexity

  • Understand the operational functions of Cyber Range tools

  • Become familiar with cyber-attacks types and adversary motivations

  • Learn and use incident response best practices when handling threat alerts