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The people, not just tools, are the key to enterprise cybersecurity.

Simulation is an essential training technique for high-risk, high-pressure fields.

Practicing complex attack scenarios, such as surgery or an aircraft malfunction, in advance substantially increases the trainee’s performance during a real-life situation, and reduces risk.

Organizations are facing similar risks when it comes to cyber attacks.

With threats being more complex and attackers more sophisticated, there aren’t enough skilled defenders to match the adversaries. Though expensive new security tools are released each month, these acquisitions haven’t improved outcomes.

Cloud Range offers an organizational awareness and training program as the solution to the need for cyber awareness and simulation training.


Cybersecurity is only as strong as its weakest link.

Beyond the SOC team, your cyber range should be able to offer custom cybersecurity training sessions for every member of your organization, regardless of their role. The program ensures that all employees have the skills and experience they need to respond correctly in the face of cyber emergency.