Nothing prepares analysts for incidents like real-world experience.

Cloud Range MANUFACTURES experience.

In an ideal world, analysts would be able to have real experience long before ever stepping foot into a SOC, but that simply hasn’t been the reality….UNTIL NOW.

The hyper-realistic scenarios incorporate the activity and drama of a real life attack, providing analysts with the experience they need to perform optimally when a real cyber attack happens.

Security Team Training

Allows you to observe and assess your team’s ability to work together — either virtually or on-prem — in defending against simulated cyber attacks, given the different skill levels and various roles in your organization and on your cybersecurity team.

In training together as a team — using either Cloud Range’s virtual or on-prem training capabilities — you can bring each member’s individual skill set together to foster your team’s and overall company’s growth.

Individual Training

Gives cybersecurity professionals the opportunity to customize sessions to strengthen their specific weaknesses and create a personalized training road map.

Each session teaches a set of incident response and cyber security skills, providing analysts with the relevant skills and tools to operate a cyber-attack across a variety of attack scenarios, platforms and technologies.

Enterprise Security Teams using Cloud Range will:


Quickly and efficiently build a qualified, effective security team: Develop and expand by up-skilling existing staff on new attack scenarios and training potential candidates, ensuring that everyone stays up-to-date.


Decrease security risk for your company with objective and measurable response times in a simulated environment.


Maximize the impact of your incident response team and expedite new hire on-boarding by training and qualifying them in Cloud Range’s hyper-realistic simulated environment. 

Cloud Range Cyber Range Simulation Training was developed and built by security experts to prepare analysts for real-life attacks through the simulation of dozens or hyper-realistic attack scenarios. 

There is truly nothing that can prepare analysts for incidents like real experience. 

In an ideal world, analysts would be able to get that experience long before ever stepping foot into a real SOC, but that simply hasn’t been the case — until now.