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Cloud Range has recently launched a Cyber Range cyber training facility in Nashville, Tennessee. This physical space will provide cyber security teams with an environment to train for cyber defense.

As the Nashville region's first advanced cybersecurity training facility, the Nashville Cyber Range is dedicated to helping companies BE PREPARED amidst the increasing cyber threats of the 21st century.

Highlights from the February 2019 Nashville Cyber Range Launch Event

The event addressed the current state of cybersecurity both locally and globally -- and how challenges around the cybersecurity skills gap are being addressed.


Simulation training allows SOC Analyst Teams to practice and hone their skills in a safe and controlled environment where scenarios can be custom-built to reflect attacks that teams have faced or fear they will face in the future, or randomized, to reflect the constantly changing nature of today’s threats.

The Cloud Range training platform is flexible and scalable enough to cater to even the most tailored needs. Individual Training gives professionals the opportunity to customize sessions to strengthen their specific weaknesses and create a personalized training road map.


The SCADA modules for Cloud Range’s OT Training allows training on real life attacks on SCADA/ICS environment while “feeling” the actual effect on the real-life machinery. Within the training process, both Cyber and OT personnel can use real HMI and OT aspects combined with cyber security aspects.


Cloud Range’s Cyber Readiness Assessments are not only for IT professionals, but also company executives. These assessments evaluate your organization’s cyber readiness under all implications — including technology, communications, legal ramifications, etc.


As you’re evaluating SOC Analyst Candidates, our assessment tool will objectively determine a candidate’s qualifications, practical skills, and overall experience and readiness as a cybersecurity professional.


As part of Cloud Range evaluation and training, trainees on a Red Team build and launch cyber attacks, which trainees on the Blue Team defend against. Simultaneously, the instructors that make up the White Team monitor and guide the overall success of the operation.


Cloud Range’s Capture-the-Flag module allows you to add a dimension of gamification and competition to training, thus keeping exercises exciting and fresh. Moreover, a proper Capture-the-Flag module can be used for recruiting purposes to create a buzz about employment opportunities at your SOC and drum up interest at hackathons, conferences and academic institutions.


Beyond the SOC team, your cyber range should be able to offer custom cybersecurity training sessions for every member of the IT and R&D in your organization. The program thus ensures that all employees have the skills and experience they need to respond correctly in the face of cyber emergency.


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CHICAGO, IL: june 19, 2019

PHILADELPHIA, PA: July 1o, 2019

HOUSTON, TX: July 24, 2019

seattle, WA: july 31, 2019

TORONTO, ON, CA: august 14, 2019

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NASHVILLE POST: Cybersecurity training center to open next month

Tech Hill Commons will be home to first facility of its kind in region

AUTHORS Kara Hartnett

Tech Hill Commons will next month become home to the Nashville region's first advanced cybersecurity training facility.

Cloud Range Cyber, which was formed this summer by local entrepreneur Debbie Gordon, will in January open the doors to the Nashville Cyber Range, where companies will be able to run through advanced cyber-defense training simulations, incident response exercises and develop other cybersecurity workforce skills. With cyber attacks growing in number and scope, a study by Cybersecurity Ventures found there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs by 2021.

“The Nashville Cyber Range is prepared to help companies, both locally and around the country, avoid the crippling effects of a cyber attack,” Gordon, who has previously run Snappy Auction and S3 Asset management, said in a release. “With its central location in Nashville at Tech Hill Commons, Cloud Range is poised to help companies perform safely amidst the increasing cyber threats of the 21st century.”

Gordon and Cloud Range will use a technology platform developed by Israel-based Cyberbit. The Nashville Cyber Range team also is planning to integrate its work with local college and university curricula to provide an advanced training experience for students.

“By using a unique cloud-based cyber range model, simulation-based cybersecurity training is now accessible to tens of thousands of trainees in Tennessee, and nationwide,” Adi Dar, CEO at Cyberbit, said in the release. “The new Nashville Cyber Range will not only increase cyber resilience across numerous organizations but will also create new job opportunities to address unemployment and close the skill gap."