Support for IT and OT Environments Protecting critical infrastructure Operational Technology (OT) networks is a growing need in sectors like finance, government and critical infrastructure. Your cyber range platform should be adaptable for a variety of network environments and attack types, including both IT and ICS/SCADA environments.

The SCADA modules for Cloud Range’s OT Training allows training on real life attacks on SCADA/ICS environment while “feeling” the actual effect on the real-life machinery. Within the training process, both Cyber and OT personnel can use real HMI and OT aspects combined with cyber security aspects.

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Cloud Range’s OT training includes several out of the box scenarios, for example: SCADA HMI, SCADA VP, SCADA Field to Field etc.

The SCADA training and scenario flows include a hybrid combination of the virtual network, customized attack scenarios and a hardware cabinet of SCADA components.

  • Physical plate with propellers, to simulate production.

  • Communication in Modbus protocol.

  • Integration with the simulated IT and SCADA environment.