Cloud Range is revolutionizing cybersecurity training using an immersive, experience-based, cyber range that unifies, automates, and simulates your entire incident response process to prevent cyber attacks.


Simulation training effectively prepares entire workforces for the challenges they will face in real life, whether they are on the security front lines or are working on the monthly marketing plan in the back office. Proven off-the-shelf and custom-designed courses and workshops help organizations perform optimally in the face of a crisis. Simulation training provides tools for everyone; from analysts, to stakeholders and C-suite executives and any employee who may be targeted by phishing email or other human engineering attempts.

Simulation training allows analysts to hone their skills in a safe and controlled environment where scenarios can be custom-built to reflect attacks that teams have faced or fear they will face in the future, or randomized, to reflect the constantly changing nature of today’s threats.


Not all cyber ranges are created equally. A cyber range is a simulation platform used for training IT and cybersecurity professionals, assessing incident response processes, and testing new technologies. A cyber range recreates the experience of responding to a cyber attack by replicating the security operations center (SOC) environment, the organizational network, and the attack itself. As a result, a cyber range enables hands-on training in a controlled and secure environment. The more realistic the simulation experience, the better a cyber range can prepare trainees to deal with real world incidents, and reduce the probability of a security breach happening on their watch.

Cyber Ranges: Used by businesses and governments around the world, cyber ranges offer hyper-realistic simulated training and testing scenarios, which dramatically improve cyber security performance, while providing tools for simulating various network setups, attack scenarios, and traffic patterns.


Integration with Market-Leading Security Products

Cloud Range leverages commercially licensed, market-leading security products that your team will find in a real-world SOC, including SIEMs, firewalls, IDS’s, endpoint security systems, and analysis tools. This allows your trainees to practice using the same products they will use in real-life scenarios.

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Customized Network Replica

Cloud Range can replicate your network infrastructure, offering rich, multi-segment virtual replicas of enterprise IT and OT networks that include application servers, database servers, email servers, switches, routers and PLCs. We can tailor your training environment to include the exact cybersecurity tools your team uses every day, including SIEM, Firewall, endpoint security, or forensic tools, to achieve hyper-realistic training in real-life settings.


Unlimited Attack Scenarios

Cloud Range provides a wide array of training offerings, each one including multiple attack scenarios that your cybersecurity can train on. These scenarios simulate up-to-date attacks in varying levels of difficulty.


ICS/OT Options

Cloud Range includes an ICS (Industrial Control System) security package for critical infrastructure organizations, which emulates an industrial control network and the most recent ICS/OT attack scenarios. 


Local and Remote Training

Cloud Range can deliver training directly to your site, or you can access the Cloud Range network and training platform remotely by logging onto our server. Trainees may therefore either train onsite as a fully-functional SOC team, or may connect to the range remotely over a convenient web-based interface, to develop their individual skills in stand-alone sessions.

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The Trainer Console

Cloud Range trainers have complete visibility over any training session, with a centralized view into all trainee screens. Trainers can configure the training scenario, take over a trainee workstation any time, send private and group chat messages, and add comments into the recorded timeline which can later be reviewed during debriefing. With these immersive, monitored training sessions, Cloud Range trainees can better understand each training session on a deeper level and from different perspectives.

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Extensive Debrief Capabilities

Leveraging debrief capabilities are key to an effective training session. Cloud Range trainers can record training sessions with screens, session events, trainee goals, and trainer comments. After each session, trainers have the ability to easily fast forward to crucial moments and focus on them with trainees. Trainees are automatically evaluated and graded, making it easy to track performance and goal achievements.