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Cloud Range simulates a virtual network where the instructor can inject benign traffic, making the network seem alive by simulating users performing diverse types of activities.

Enter the Blue Team & the Red Team:

As part of Cloud Range evaluation and training, trainees on a Red Team build and launch cyber attacks, which trainees on the Blue Team defend against. Simultaneously, the instructors that make up the White Team monitor and guide the overall success of the operation.

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The Blue Team is a group of trainees whose goal is to protect critical network assets and maintain the network’s integrity and continuity, according to the selected training session. The Blue Team is positioned in blue operation stations in which the team operates various network security tools, according to an activated attack scenario. They need to identify suspicious events, analyze and respond the threats.

In the training environment, the Blue Team defends the network and its critical assets. They perform all actions to identify and combat the scenario, which mirror a real-world cyber-attack with an emphasis on hands-on experience. Each trainee has their own training station, which contains the necessary security and management tools, access methods, and user credentials required for all network assets.

The instructor then has a Red Team of trainees attack the network. The trainees can use the custom segment to use a specific attack server or Kali Linux. The automated threat injection capabilities are a great benefit of the system – as it’s more measurable, and allows more independence for the customer.