Cloud Range Partners with Manufacturers/OEMs to:

Augment existing training/certifications by adding simulation exercises: Cloud range works with leading cybersecurity technology manufacturers to create additional training and certification programs that incorporate “live-combat” simulation training, using manufacturers’ actual tools in a virtualized environment.

Train engineering teams. Partner with Cloud Range to train internal sales engineering and partner engineering teams using simulated attack scenarios and artificial network traffic on your actual security tools. Cloud Range will develop customized curriculum to ensure skills are developed quickly and efficiently.

Enable technology sales with our custom training incentive packages: The #1 challenge in cybersecurity technology sales is due to a customer’s lack of a skilled workforce. Our custom training packages use manufacturers’ actual tools in a virtualized environment to train and onboard SOC analysts quickly and effectively.

Consider these current industry challenges:

  • Most manufacturer certifications are primarily install/configuration focused. Manufacturer certifications are primarily installation and configuration oriented, not geared toward combat based achievement.

  • General industry certifications don’t include practical experience: CISSP, CEH, CompTIA, etc. are primarily classroom driven with limited practical experience and are not manufacturer/tool specific.

  • The cybersecurity skills shortage continues to grow.  It is estimated that there will be 3.5 MM unfilled positions by 2021 (Cybersecurity Ventures).

  • Most manufacturers don’t offer SOC Analyst Training. Most industry training is limited to implementation and configuration. Currently, there is no true standard for SOC Analyst/SOC Management qualification or certification.


Manufacturer/OEM Partners of Cloud Range will:


Accelerate sales revenue:  Enable and accelerate sales and drive company revenue by overcoming two of the most significant objections and purchasing roadblocks that sellers and partners are experiencing today.


Increase future revenue and installed base: SOC Certified employees will minimize competitive displacement risk.


Strengthen market perception:  By increasing effectiveness of cybersecurity technology operators, this will eliminate the “weakest link in the chain”, ensuring that the market perception of your manufacturing company accurately reflects the quality of the product.  


Strengthen Manufacturer’s leadership position in the industry: Creating a Manufacturer-specific SOC Analyst/Manager certifications would serve to drive a leadership position in the industry as well as drive additional training revenue and product awareness (e.g., MCSE, CCNA, CCIE).