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Are you trying to hire security professionals? Not sure if a candidate has the actual skills required?

Candidates may have a nice resume, but how do you know if they can actually perform?

Cloud Range’s Fast Trak Candidate Assessment tool will objectively determine a candidate’s qualifications, practical skills, relative overall experience, and readiness to defend as a cybersecurity professional.


Cloud Range’s Fast Trak Candidate Assessment options allow for candidates to be assessed in timed, recorded sessions using specific attack scenarios. In these sessions, all screen activity and milestones are captured and available for playback.

Cloud Range offers customers a wide variety of Fast Trak Candidate Assessment tools:

  • Test candidates using actual industry tools, including firewalls, endpoints, etc.

  • Sessions can be proctored, assisted, or fully passive

  • Choose an assessment scenario

  • Define the exact time allotment and difficulty level for each scenario




  • SQL Injection

  • DDoS SYN Flood


  • Apache Shutdown

  • Web Defacement

  • Trojan Data Leakage

  • Java NMS Shutdown

  • Killer Trojan

  • DDoS DNS Amplification


  • Java Sendmail

  • DB Dump via FTP Exploit

  • Trojan Share Privilege Escalation

  • Windows Management Instrumentation Worm

  • Ransomware

  • WPAD Man-in-the-Middle

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